Mission of IDA

To create a future for all individuals who struggle with dyslexia and other related reading differences so that they may have richer, more robust lives and access to the tools and resources they need.

Houston IDA welcomes your participation in all of the many activities sponsored by the Houston Branch of The International Dyslexia Association (HBIDA). We encourage you to consider becoming a member of the International Dyslexia Association (IDA) and joining us as we work together to increase awareness and support for individuals with learning differences in the Gulf Coast area. If you have not yet, liked our Facebook page, or followed us on Twitter, please do so! We use those particular outlets to help our efforts.

In 1995, the Houston Branch was host to the 46th Annual International Conference, “Explore, Discover, Challenge,” with 2,400 in attendance. Other endeavors of this Branch include: publication of “Dealing with Dyslexia” and an annual Resource Directory;  annual spring conferences  and fall symposiums with nationally acclaimed speakers;  an annual panel presentation of college students with learning differences; an annual panel of parents with children with learning differences; speaker and film events; and a parent networking group.

The Houston Branch of The International Dyslexia Association (HBIDA) was founded in 1978 at a meeting among parents and teachers who were concerned for the education of children with language learning problems, and wanted to create an organization to promote efforts to help those children. HIBDA’s predecessor, The Houston Branch of The Orton Society, was born. During the first two years of this group’s existence, the Houston Branch grew from a membership of 28 to 140 individuals under the expert and devoted guidance of the first board. The officers included the late W. Oscar Neuhaus (President), Lenox (Hutcheson) Reed (Vice President), Fredda Parker (Recording Secretary), Elizabeth Wareing (Corresponding Secretary), and Marilyn Beckwith (Treasurer). The successful ABC Ball in 1986, co-chaired by Barbara Hurwitz and Judy Weiss, provided much needed operating capital for the Branch. The proceeds from the ball helped the Branch further its mission of disseminating information about dyslexia and provided scholarships for Houston-area teachers to attend a five-day workshop on dyslexia awareness.