We appreciate you taking the time to read through the content we have created on our site specifically for those who are, who love, or who work with someone who has dyslexia. We have taken the time to compile several places of interest specifically for those who work with people who have dyslexia.


Become a Member: Membership in our organization helps us accomplish our mission, and you can be a part of that with your time, talents and resources. The first step is to become a member.


IDA Dyslexia Fact Sheets: These are great sources of reliable information for students, parents and others. They are available in both Spanish and English.


Calendar of Events: This is a great place to start if you are looking to attend our annual spring conference or fall symposiums. There are also dates for parent networking group meetings for you to share with parents as well as the international conference in October.


Newsletter: This is a great way to stay connected (in addition to following us on Twitter @houstondyslexia and Facebook @houstonida). We have past newsletters available as well as a place to sign up to remain current.


Vendor/Sponsor: If you are interested in advertising with us, supporting our events as a sponsor, or being included in our resource directory, check out this page.


Resource Directory: You can access past years’ resource directories on this page. There is an abundance of relevant information in our directories, even from years ago!


Scholarships: We have scholarships available for students, parents AND educators/professionals. These allow you to attend one of our events at a discounted price. If you have a student or parent that is in need of services, this would be a great resource for them as well.