Fall Symposium

HBIDA hosts an annual Fall Symposium every September located at the Junior League of Houston.  Two speakers present during this symposium: a keynote speaker and a luncheon speaker. Keynote speakers are invited from across the country and are experts in the field of reading/learning differences and, depending on their area of expertise, may provide additional insight into understanding the basis of those learning differences or how to support struggling learners. A light breakfast is served prior to the keynote presentation. A luncheon speaker provides a shorter presentation as lunch is served. Attendees include parents of children with dyslexia, individuals with dyslexia, educators, and other professionals working in the fields of reading disorders and learning differences. ALTA and TSHA CEU’s are available for attendees. Pre-registration is required online prior to the conference date. Onsite registration is not available.  Registration fees apply. Free parking is available.


Current Symposium

  • 2017:

Rick Lavoie, M.A., M.Ed. (Keynote Speaker) – “On the Waterbed: The Impact Of LD on the Family and
It’s so Much Work to Be Your Friend”

Kerry Yonushonis (Luncheon Speaker) – “Island Chains: Creating Connections”

More Information about Fall Symposium 2017

Past keynote and luncheon speakers and topics include:

  • 2016:

Nancy Mather, Ph.D. (Keynote Speaker) – “The Elephant in the Room: What We Overlook Regarding Dyslexia”

Chef Catherine Rodriguez (Luncheon Speaker) – “Chef Catherine Talks: Her Dyslexia Put Her on a Path to Success”

  • 2015:

Margie Gillis, Ed.D.(Keynote Speaker) – “It’s Never too Late: How to Motivate and Teach Struggling Readers”

Linda Decker, M.Ed. (Luncheon Speaker) – “Eagles Don’t Hunt Flies”

  • 2014:

Cheryl Chase, Ph.D. (Keynote Speaker) – “Recognizing Weak Executive Functioning and Reducing Its Negative impact on Learning and Performance”

Gordon Doran (Luncheon Speaker) – “Winning with Dyslexia”