Nancy LaFevers Ambroze Scholarship Fund

Nancy LaFevers, M.A., CCC, believed in early diagnosis and remediation for students with dyslexia using Orton-Gillingham methods and principles. An effective and powerful advocate for children with dyslexia, learning differences, and related language disorders, Nancy was a founding member of the Houston Branch (HBIDA) and has served as its president.In April, 2006, the Houston Branch presented Nancy with the HBIDA 2006 Nancy LaFevers Community Service Award, which was founded to recognize Branch members who made outstanding contributions for students with dyslexia and related language learning differences in our community. Donations from friends, family, and colleagues provided funds to fulfill Nancy’s wish to enable diagnostic services for families who could not afford them otherwise. In April, 2006, the Nancy LaFevers Ambroze Scholarship Fund was established.



Houston Branch of The International Dyslexia Association has a limited number of scholarships that are granted to students ages 3 – 17 years who have shown that they need educational diagnostic testing and who have limited financial resources.

Student Application Requirements

  • Students should be from the greater Houston area (Ft. Bend, Galveston, Harris, and Montgomery County and other counties within the boundaries designated by IDA for the Houston Branch) and must be between the ages of 3 – 17 years of age.
  • A diagnostician, who is a current member HBIDA, has agreed to test the applicant. Call Helpline at 713-364-5177 for names of diagnosticians.
  • Scholarships are for qualified families with limited financial resources.


Contact HBIDA helpline at 713-364-5177 for information and a scholarship application.

DIAGNOSTICIANS: If you are a diagnostician who has a client of limited financial means and you would like your client to be considered for this scholarship, please note that: Diagnosticians must be a member of HBIDA, most scholarships will be in the $200 – 500 range, and scholarships are for students suspected of dyslexia (reading, writing and spelling difficulties). Contact HBIDA helpline at 713-364-5177.

Diagnosticians may sign up to be on the Nancy LaFevers Ambroze HBIDA’s list of educational diagnosticians. This list will be available to parents who do not already have an educational diagnostician for testing. To be on this list contact HBIDA helpline at 713-364-5177.


Dr. John Lopez Memorial Fund

Dr. John (Johnny) Lopez was a well-known and beloved dentist from Beaumont, Texas who passed away in 2006. He was a native of Jefferson County and practiced dentistry in Beaumont and for forty-one years. He attended Lamar University, The University of Texas Dental School, and became a Fellow of General Dentistry. Money donated in his memory launched HBIDA’s scholarship fund for teachers and parents to attend our conferences.


The Dr. John Lopez Memorial Fund provides scholarships for teachers, parents, and other individuals to attend our conferences and symposiums.



For more information and to apply for a scholarship, contact Helpline at 713-364-5177.
Dr. John Lopez