Fall Symposium 2023

Saturday, September 30, 2023 at the Briarwood School

Dr. Eric Tridas

Subject Matter: FEAR: Reading, Attention/Anxiety and Executive Functions 

Abstract:  When we consider the situation of a child with learning difficulties we often ask, what is the problem? It is frequently assumed that if we can diagnose a specific problem, such as a learning disorder, we can then address it. While this is certainly true, it is important to consider that the student may have many other different challenges in addition to a specific diagnosis. Most of the students with learning disorders often have coexisting conditions, referred to as comorbidities, that can impact their learning.  Thus, if we only focus on one issue or a diagnosis, we may not be able to address the person’s challenges. Given that these conditions often impact one another it is necessary to address them effectively. During this presentation Dr. Tridas will explore the relationship between dyslexia, ADHD, anxiety and executive functions.  The participants will learn how these conditions impact each other, which in turn has significant implications for management.  Factors such as attention, inhibition, flexibility, planning, worry, somatization and working memory can have a dramatic impact on a student’s performance. This presentation will also provide some guidelines on how to address these challenges.

Dr. Mark Seidenberg

Subject Matter:  Tenets for teachers: A new approach to connecting research and reading education

Abstract:  The “science of reading” is a movement to use basic research to improve reading instruction, curricula, and teacher education, as well as the identification of and response to reading difficulties. The main obstacle is the lack of background in the relevant science among educators and clinicians at all levels, from teachers to publishers to government education agencies. How can we bring more of the relevant research into reading education and clinical practice while avoiding oversimplifications? I’ll discuss versions of the “science of reading” that is both accessible to non-experts and relevant to instruction, assessment, and intervention.

Dr. Nathan Clemens

Subject Matter: Intervention for Students with Dyslexia: Recent Advances in Research and Lingering Questions

Abstract: I will review recent research developments on interventions for students with dyslexia across grade levels. Topics will include approaches to reading practice to build fluency, fostering generalizable skills and set-for-variability, the inclusion of vocabulary/word meaning within decoding instruction, and others. Attention will be given to practices in which research is not yet clear, and how to navigate situations in which evidence is equivocal.

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